Welcome, Welcome!

We have had a great influx of new readers lately and while we’ll have something new up for you soon, I (Anna) wanted to give you a Greatest Hits-type post in case you were like “OH MAN there is so much TNG fashion I don’t know where to start!!!” These are some of my personal favorites.

The Inner Light: this episode is legit amazing regardless of the fashions but OMG SO MUCH TIE-DYE.

Cost of Living: Lwaxana Troi AND Alexander AND a crazy holodeck program AND mud baths?!?! Yes.

The Naked Now: “I feel strange, but also good.”

The Price: Troi and some sort of ambassador hook up. I invent the phrase “Slammin’ Baskets.”

Up the Long Ladder: Heidy deidy deidy I’m Irish.

The Game: Baby Ashley Judd! Also, weird sexual reward game.

And of course, the porn parody post. Don’t worry – it’s safe for work. (Or maybe it should be “I’m sorry – it’s safe for work.”)

We hope you enjoy your time here at Fashion It So!

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