Actual Conversation Between Anna and Charlie While Watching TNG Together in the Same Room with Deborah

The dress in question

Charlie: I like Troi’s dress.
Anna: She’s worn that one before.
Charlie: [laughs]
Anna: She wore it on her date with Devinoni Ral.
Anna (in brain): There must be a way I can use this kind of knowledge to my advantage.

What I did instead was try to find the dress in question on Etsy.

First I found this:


Okay, obviously this lady is amazing for a LOT of reasons (I need only point out the GIANT STUFFED STAR she is holding), and she certainly has the skirt length/volume down, but the crucial off-the-shoulder aspect is missing. And this color really looks more like something Crusher might wear than Troi.


The color here is better, and the long sleeves are definitely right, and you KNOW Troi loves her a bodycon look, and this thing would be like a second skin on her. But again, the off-the-shoulder aspect here is CRUCIAL. So that’s a no.


Closer! Here we have the off-the-shoulder thing beginning to happen, but the color is far too dark and boring for Troi. Also, this girl needs to rethink her belt and boot choices.


PRETTY GOOD, ETSY. Pretty good. Color: perfect. Amount of off-the-shoulderness: appropriate. Lack of cleavage: sadly accurate. Obviously, it’s too short and way too embellished for Troi, but I think we did okay!

I know this was a departure from our normal format, but don’t worry – we will be back with a normal post soon enough.

Update: astute reader @sarahloyd found this gem:


a. the model sort of looks like a hipster Famke Janssen in this shot
b. the color is pretty muted but VERY within the palette of the early 90s
c. is this just a big fabric bag with sleeves? Fashion Snuggie

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