Yesterday’s Enterprise – 3.15

Episode: Yesterday’s Enterprise (3.15)

(This is Charlie writing, as you’ll come to learn.)

Okay, so relevance dictates that this entry should be about Jean-Luc Picard, who was just knighted by Queen Lizzy Redux, but the episode I picked didn’t have any exciting Picard outfits, so we’re going to have to go with this one.

I picked this episode because the two parter that Anna and I watched that kicked off this blog, called “Redemption,” all stemmed from this episode (thanks, Wikipedia!). The quick and dirty summary (ed. note: not terribly quick; disappointingly un-dirty): the Enterprise 1701-D is just chugging along when it comes upon a temporal anomaly. Out pops a ship, the Enterprise 1701-C (jigga-whaa?) which was “lost in battle” 22 years ago. However, the second the ship pops out, THE WHOLE SHOW COMPLETELY CHANGES. All of a sudden, the 1701-D is a warship, and Tasha Yar is still alive. Worf is nowhere to be found (nor is our fashion model of the ep, Deanna Troi). It turns out that when the 1701-C went through the rift and traveled 22 years into the future, it left some unfinished history that led to a huge war between the Federation and the Klingons. So, Sir Picard sends the 1701-C back through the rift into a crazy battle that they know is going to destroy them and sets history aright. (What you don’t discover until season 4, and what, technically, Picard doesn’t remember until Guinan tells him, is that Seela, the antagonist of the ” Redemption” episode, is the offspring of a time-traveling Tasha Yar and a Romulan, Tasha having been captured rather than blown up when she decided to go with the 1701-C back into the rift. Holy jesus, nerdgasm!)

Anyway, one of the best parts of the “Redemption” episode was the beginning of a scene where Troi pops out of a door, walking purposefully, followed by the camera over to the Captain and Data, and then Troi HAS NOTHING ELSE TO DO WITH THE SCENE/EPISODE. She’s just eye-candy for the background for two seconds.

The same thing happened in this episode—Troi was onscreen for literally 20 seconds—but what was bizarre was that she had a completely different outfit from normal, this cerulean blue “dress” except she’s wearing leggings that match the fabric of the dress, so it looks like something that was inspired by the fashions at a local babies’r’us. But, of course, the winner is that crooked-ass neckline (can you even CALL it a neckline when it’s that low?).

Honestly, I can see someone sitting there and thinking, “Well, we need enough fabric over her left boob so that we can put the communicator on her, but we don’t want to lose out on any cleaveage… aah, fuck it, cut the damn thing asymmetrically. It’s the future right? They’re CRAZY in the 24th century.”
Frankly, I bet that thing is built so that if you pat her on the back at just the right angle, her right boob flies right out.

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