Redemption – Parts I and II – 4.26/5.1

Episode: Redemption (Parts I and II, mostly II) (4.26 / 5.1)

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This is Commander Sela. Her dad’s a Romulan (obvi), but she’s Tasha Yar’s daughter (which is why she looks exactly like Tasha). I’m not gonna get into how she was born via a super-cray cray spacetime continuum bonkersville thing. You can read her Wikipedia page for that.

What I am gonna get into right now is that jacket. Girl. GIRL! That shit looks like you took the seat upholstery off my mom’s 1985 Oldsmobile (RIP, Colonel Lee) and made it into a jacket without removing any of that gross foam stuff inside. Look, I know you’re trying to be intimidating and whatever, but that jacket just makes you look like you don’t know what you’re doing. If I was a Klingon trying to pull off some sort of coup, I would not hire your Bird of Prey to help me out, because you’d probably try to dress me in an old tire, or an office chair, or something.

And is that a necklace? Or, like, a holster? If it’s a holster, whatever, as long as it holds your phaser, right? But I don’t remember you pulling out any weaponry from there. It appears to be a stylistic choice only. You are better than Hot Topic 2366, and that’s what this looks like.

I can’t even really talk about the hair. Ugh, Romulans have no style.

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